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Virgo Star Sign

Virgos want everything to be perfect, which can often be misunderstood by people thinking they are fussy, critical, bad tempered and picky. Virgos are very untidy, often having filthy bedrooms with clothes all over the floor. Virgos make great friends, being great in times of crisis. Virgos are always on the move as they like to learn as much as possible before they move on. Virgos are very sensitive by nature and take time to settle into anything new.

Virgos uncovered

Virgos are highly intelligent people, who are interested in everything and everyone. They are very happy to be busy with various hobbies and jobs. Virgos are often perfectionists so even the slightest error can make them feel disheartened. Virgos can be very hard people to understand as they often find it hard to often up and show people their true feelings. They may be happier doing something practical, rather than dealing with relationships. They prefer to express their deepest feelings by actions rather than words. Most Virgos will avoid touching people other than their very close friends and family members. They often find romantic behaviour embarrassing. These people are very highly sexed and may often use this as a way of expressing love.

Virgos can be very sensitive and shy when meeting new people, but once they have spent time getting to know them they become very confident and friendly. They are very loyal towards their friends and can also be the kindest and gentlest of friends.

Virgos are very fitness conscious, so many have very toned bodies which others often envy. They follow a regular diet and exercise regime. Most Virgos love sport and also anyone that shares this interest.

Virgos tend to worry a lot, which may make them hypochondriacs. They can be very harsh and over critical. They can be very pessimistic and depressed at times.

Virgos tend to fall in love slowly and sweetly. They enjoy making their partner feel special and no how to do this perfectly. They need a partner who can take the initiative and go right ahead into communicating sexual feelings.

In work they are good at handling money and make fabulous book-keepers or accountants. Travel is another passion with them and they are great in careers that take them away from their home land. If a Virgo needs something done right, they will do it themselves. Virgos pay attention to all the small details and it's these that set them apart from others.

Who are Virgo's compatible with?

Virgos are compatible with Capricorns, Taurus, Cancers and Scorpios.

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