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Taurus Zodiac Star Sign

Taurus people are easy to understand and what you see is what you get. You will never catch a Taurus making a snap decision as they can never do anything quickly. Taureans love food and their stomachs are very important. These people are very loyal in relationships and hate change. They are the best mates anyone could ever have. Taureans are very attractive and creative and often enjoy music, flowers and the opera.

Taureans Star Sign Uncovered

Taureans are practical and persevering. They are solid and reliable, regular in habits and can be extremely stubborn. Taureans have a great deal of inner strength and capacity to withstand tough situations and come out of them without scars.

They are warm-hearted and can be extremely affectionate. They can be relied upon to be good friends who will be a solid support in times of trouble. Taureans have a great love for money and they are most suited to practical careers which bring surprises and plenty of money. Some are also artistic and this can show in their hobbies, work and also interests.

Some Taureans are quick and clever, highly amusing and quite outrageous in appearance but underneath this crazy exterior is a background of true talent and very hard work. These people may sometimes be seen as quite arrogant. Other Taureans hate to be hassled and rushed, taking their time with everything they do. They often prefer to work quietly and thoroughly at their own pace. Taureans are much brighter than anyone gives them credit and it is hard to beat them in an argument because they usually know what they're talking about. If a Taurean is on your side, they make wonderful friends and comfortable and capable colleagues.

The negative traits of Taurus include being jealous and possessive. They are not open to change and this makes others perceive them as being stubborn and unimaginative.

They take relationships very seriously and make safe and reliable partners. They may keep their worries to themselves but they are not usually liars or sexually untrustworthy. Taureans are not easily attracted to anyone but when they are, they proceed very cautiously. Roses, champagne, candle lit dinners, are romantic ideas that can be used to impress Taureans. They make committed partners and are extremely supportive and generous. They believe in being open-minded and truthful to their partners and expect the same.

Who are taureans compatible with?

Taureans are most compatible with Capricorns, Virgos, Cancers and Pisces.

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