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Sagittarians are extremely friendly and lovely people. They are very honest and open people, who will rarely tell you lies. Sagittarians love travelling and are very fond of the great outdoors. They are very easy to get along with and make great friends, as they love to chat to new people they meet in life. They are very interested in everything, which makes them very clever people. Sagittarians love spending money and therefore a credit card should be avoided. Sagittarians uncovered

Sagittarians are very fun loving and generous people. They can make great company, as they are always interested in everyone and everything. They are usually life and soul of the party, as long as they are in a good mood. They have a very optimistic outlook on life and are extremely outgoing. Sagittarians love food and you are likely to find their fridge's full of all sorts of goodies to last for months. These people are very honest and therefore, they may hurt people at times by speaking the truth, which may cause embarrassment. This is usually innocent though, as they do not mean to hurt.

Sagittarians love a lifestyle that allows them to travel and would hate to be in one place all the time, not being able to explore different places. These people can be attracted to the spiritual side of life and may be interested in the church, philosophy and astrology. Higher education and legal matters attract Sagittarians, as they need to feel free. Although they have a great need for freedom, these people love to be cuddled and touched and want to be supported emotionally.

Negative traits of a Sagittarian include a very hot-tempered personality, however these outbursts do not usually last for long. They also tend to get into arguments quite easily. Sagittarians usually trust people too easily, which often leads to heart break in life.

Sagittarians have a natural talent for teaching. They are unafraid of taking risks and so business is a perfectly suited option for them. Luck seems to follow Sagittarians, making them very happy in life. Other careers that Sagittarians can be successful in include Lawyers, Athletes and Writers. Sagittarians love trying out new ideas to see if they work and they are very broad minded.

In relationships Sagittarians are very passionate people. They have a huge appetite for sex, but get on best with a partner who is artistic and graceful. They love to tease and be playful with their partners. Sagittarians seek mutual independence in relationships, which often makes it difficult for them to find a partner as they tend to back away from emotional dependence from their partner.

Who are Sagittarians compatible with?

Sagittarians These people are most compatible with star signs Aries, Leo, Aquarius and Libra.

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