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Pisces zodiac star sign

Pisceans are extremely psychic people and often amaze people with their predictions. They are usually gifted in anything creative from designing to music. They are probably the first ones to start a rumour and could find it a bit hard to keep a secret. Pisceans are everyone's friend and often find it tough to say 'no' to people. Pisceans like quiet places and beautiful surroundings and probably wouldn't thank you for giving them a surprise party

Pisces Uncovered

Pisceans are gentle, soft and enjoy helping others. They are adjustable and accept their surroundings and neighbors as they are. They rarely get angry but when it happens they can be quite nasty. They are great dreamers and sometimes have trouble distinguishing dreams from reality.

They have a fractured personality that has so many sides and so many moods that they probably don't even understand themselves. They are kind, thoughtful and caring but they have a tendency to drift away from people and responsibilities. Their negatives are that they can be extremely emotional at times, which can work against them. Sometimes Pisceans turn alcoholics trying to escape from the harsh realities of life.

These people can reach the top in a career as they are clever and creative, but few do. Some Pisceans have a self-destruct button, which they press before reaching their goal. Others do achieve success and the motivating force behind this is often money.

Fine arts like music, literature, painting or designing are ideal career choices for Pisceans as it helps them explore their creative and dreamy side. Pisceans make good architects, lawyers and caterers. Surprisingly they also make good detective because they can understand how the criminal mind works. Their sensitive and caring side makes them perfectly suited to be doctors, nurses or social workers.

These people can be stubborn, awkward, selfish and quite nasty when a friendship or relationship goes wrong. Despite their kind and gentle personality, there is a side to them, which needs to be in charge of any relationship. Pisceans make extremely faithful partners as long as the romance doesn't evaporate and their partners treat them well. Problems occur if they are mistreated or rejected or if they become bored or restless. They are very sentimental and romantic. They are affectionate, loving and understanding with their partners.

Pisceans are the most compatible with Gemini's, Virgos and Sagittarius.

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