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Libra Zodiac Star Sign

Librans love being in love and may feel quite depressed if they feel unwanted and unloved. Librans hate making decisions. Librans are generally good looking with attractive features. They are very easy going and enjoy being popular. Librans are the world's biggest spenders. They are affectionate and sympathetic people, who love lots of good food. Librans are beautiful people and people will do anything for them.

Libra Star Sign uncovered

Librans are great people to tell secrets to, as they rarely listen to what you are saying and therefore forget what has been said. These people come across as being soft, but this can be quite deceptive as they are often very tough and quite selfish at times. Some Librans are quite shy and lack confidence, whereas others are confident, having great leadership qualities. All Librans are charming, sophisticated and diplomatic, but may be confusing to others.

Librans do well in jobs where they are working with other people, preferably in organisations where they have a responsibility and have to make their own decisions. Librans generally enjoy going with the flow if everything is going well. They may need to learn how to be patient as they cannot handle stress very well. They make good Lawyers and Administrators and do well in Politics. Librans have a natural inclination towards art and are quite creative. This makes them ideal for artistic careers such as music.

Negative traits of a Libran can include a tendency to be lazy and also quite selfish. They find it very hard to make decisions, which may go against them in life. Librans are very big flirts and also love to spend money, which may turn them into gamblers if they do not keep this in check.

In relationships if a Libran is in love they make adorable partners. Even after arguments, Librans tend to be kind to their partners and put their issues behind them. They are very romantic people. Librans are usually dedicated to marriage, however a high proportion of them prefer to remain single, especially if a difficult relationship comes to an end. Librans can be inclined to experiment sexually, which doesn?t make them the most faithful of people and even the good Librans are terrible flirts.

Who are Librans compatible with?

Librans are compatible with Aquarians, Geminis, Leos and Sagittarians.

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