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Leo Zodiac Star Sign

Leos are very self orientated, and have to win at everything. They love to have all the ideas, but if it turns out to be a bad one, they put the blame on someone else. Leos are very generous and also really helpful. They are great in times of need and when people are feeling down. Leos love being around people, meeting new people and going to different places with friends. They are rarely on their own.

Leo Star Sign Uncovered

Leos are born leaders and are also very dominant. They have a very enthusiastic attitude towards life and have a great deal of courage. They are very generous and warm-hearted people and great to be around. These people have very high standards and hate letting themselves or other people down. Leos are rarely offensive or hurtful to anyone as they are very aware of other people's need for dignity, and will not stand for being treated in a bad way by others. Leos will do anything for anyone, especially their families.

Leos are generally very intelligent people and are also very ambitious, which makes them great managers and organizers. They are very practical people who can get to the heart of a problem and solve it very easily. Many Leos also have an artistic side, which can make them great performers. In work they don't mind spending that extra bit to make sure they get quality in return. They are very professional people when it comes to work and never waste a second of their time.

The negative traits of a Leo are that they can be quite patronizing and have a tendency to be very self-centered. Leos love living to the extreme, which can often make them big time borrowers. They can be quite impatient people and a tendency to over dramatis problems. They can become quite irritable when things go wrong and also quite sarcastic when under pressure, ill or over tired.

In relationships Leos are very loyal and dependable, as long as they feel loved by their partner and at the center of the family network. It is very rare that a Leo will have an affair due to curiosity, but this may happen if they feel unloved or undervalued by their partner. Leos love to make their partner feel special and enjoy being admired and pampered themselves.

Leos are compatible with the star signs Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra.

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