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Cancer Zodiac Star Sign

Cancer's can often come across as being tough, but this is all put on. They are very caring and compassionate making them great for family life. They are extremely loyal. Cancer's can be fairly secretive, often hiding certain things. They are usually very good at cooking, have a great sense of humour and can be very psychic.

Cancer Star Sign Uncovered

Cancerians are very good listeners, which make them great for people to turn to if they have any problems they want to tell someone. They, themselves one the other hand can be very hard to understand as they often conceal their own feelings and rarely open up to others. Cancerians tend to worry quite a lot, this is often about their families and money issues. They love to travel, but also like having a stable home that they know they can return to when ever they wish to.

Many of these people end up in caring professions or teaching. They hate parting with money when they have it, which can make them quite shady. Cancerians are often interested in history, many collecting historical mementoes.

Cancerians prefer to be in a relationship, and many fear being lonely in life. It takes a lot for them to leave a relationship, and if they do they will quickly look for a new partner so that they are not alone. They are very committed and seek warmth and intimacy from a relationship. They are devoted to their partners and are protective of them. They are ideal family people who love the home. They can never have enough affection shown to them and constantly crave for more. These people can often be quite romantic towards their partners and are deeply emotional.

A negative aspect of a Cancer is that they can be very jealous. They are often very insecure and seek security in the home and also in relationships. Cancerians hate discipline and are often very unorganised. Cancerians are compatible with Scorpios, Pisces, Taurus and Virgos.

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