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Aquarius zodiac star sign

Aquarians are nearly always arrive late anywhere they go, because to them time is nothing. They are very original, inventive and also smart. Aquarians are often know it alls, so you can't tell them anything they don't already know! A phone is everything to an Aquarian and they would be lost if someone took this away from them. They are very friendly people and will talk to anyone.

Aquarians Uncovered

Aquarians make friends very easily and are always willing to make new friends and talk to new people. However, they are often hard to get to know well as they find it hard to open up and display their feelings. Even their closest of friends may not know their real feelings. 

Aquarians are very dutiful and will never let a member of their family go without, even if this means missing out on things themselves. They put others before themselves and are often blind to their underlying needs and real feelings.

People of this Zodiac have a positive attitude to their life and goals, so any failures or disappointments along the way don't deter them.

They can be quite temperamental with sudden mood changes, which can throw those around them out of gear. Aquarians are rather messy people and often have untidy bedrooms and houses. These people can also be eccentric in the way they dress or the way they live. They may make a point of being ‘different' and may feel very uncomfortable if they are made to conform.

In relationships, they are constant and faithful and they only stray when they know in their hearts that there is no longer anything to be gained from staying put. Aquarians tend to shy away from intimacy at first, however, as things progress, Aquarians can be seductive lovers with a lot of imagination.

Aquarians are often very attached to the first real commitment in their lives and they can even re-marry a previously divorced partner. Many Aquarians are highly sexed and very clever in bed.

In terms of occupation, with Aquarians being very patient, they can make very good teachers. Some Aquarians may not be willing to go out and earn a living, whereas others are always willing to learn something new and go out into the world of work. They do not care for details about how something will work, as they just want the job done and don't really mind how. The bigger picture is more important to an Aquarian. Other careers for Aquarians would be researchers or scientists as they have a natural bent of mind towards these analytical careers. Aquarians are often thinking pretty hard about one thing or another, often finding it hard to relax.

Aquarians are compatible with Gemini's and Libra's.

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