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Why Girls Don't Like Nice Guys

What is wrong with a guy that wants to be with you constantly, rings you every 3 hours when you are apart and caters for your every need? EVERYTHING!

Especially these days when women are often running their own lives, often with children and are more than capable. It isn't that girls like bad boys, but they want someone who knows there own mind, is confident and will carry out what he says he will do without fail.

These qualities can be associated with the Baddies that we love and hate in movies! We don't want you being the bad guy though!, but in everyday life we like to see our man dealing with things, being fair and in control. Without even trying, this makes a girl feel looked after knowing that her guy is steadfast and reliable. It's not that girls don't like nice guys, they need a strong guy that is in control too.

If a girl thinks that she can control her guy, for example she just needs to ask and he will do it, buy it, or go there, then this makes her feel that everything is all too easy. Since men and women were on earth, women have always wanted their man to be the protector, at least generally speaking, women do not want to be the leader.

An important reason why girls don't like nice men is that when girls are with their friends or in company, they like to feel proud of their man when conversation crops up about them, in her mind she needs to know he is her rock, so no more Mr nice guy!

When a problem arises, a woman wants to be able to go to her man knowing that he will listen, give her fair advice and support. She doesn't want to think her man will be of no help at all and feel that she is on her own to sort things out, even if she is capable of dealing with things herself. She likes the choice.

So to all the guy's being too nice out there, I hope this article has explained why girls don't like nice men, so be the nice guy but along side confidence and knowing your own mind. Don't become a pushover!

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