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What to buy your girlfriend for christmas

Christmas is just around the corner - your excited about spending lots of time celebrating the christmas spirit with your girlfriend, but what gift or present do you buy her for christmas?

You want to get the perfect christmas present for your girlfriend but how do you choose?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Shoes or boots
    All girls love shoes or boots (or any footwear for that matter!). If you don't have a clue about what pair to buy your girlfriend, why not suggest taking her out shopping?
  2. Jewelry.
    Girls love jeweler and it's not too hard to pick out either. Have a look at what types of jewelry she wears and buy something similar - don't gamble for something outrageous stick to what she already wears.
  3. Perfume
    Girls love perfume but you have to be very careful and not buy the wrong one. Girls are very fussy when it comes to perfume so you will need to either find out what she already wears and buy her the same bottle or ask her friends or family which her favorite is. Getting the wrong perfume could be a very awkward disaster.
  4. Chocolates & Flowers
    Chocolates and flowers are a nice gift on christmas, but should always compliment another special present. I wouldn't recommend getting your girlfriend just chocolates and flowers but I definitely would recommend giving them alongside any of my other suggested presents as they will add an overwhelming gift.
  5. Clothing accessories
    Clothes like hats, scarves, gloves, handbags, sunglasses and purees are always excellent presents and well received with plenty of excitement by girls

Other girlfriend gift ideas

  1. A teddy bear or stuffed cuddly toy.
  2. A watch
  3. A day at a spar
  4. theatre or cinema tickets
  5. A weekend away
  6. Lingerie
  7. A star named after her
  8. A massage
  9. An mp3 player with meaningful songs from you to her
  10. CD of her favorite artist
  11. Take her to her favorite restaurant
  12. A romantic candle lit dinner
  13. Gift set with body lotion, shower gel etc
  14. Picture frame with you and her
  15. A picnic basket loaded and ready for a drive
  16. Write her a song
  17. Breakfast in bed
  18. Champagne
  19. Roses
  20. Slippers
  21. Edible photo cake
  22. Gold rose
  23. Dressing gown

Gift wrapping & presentation

Gift wrapping is the icing on the cake with a cherry on top. Presentation can make a huge difference - wrapping the presents up in beautiful wrapping paper with bows and fancy ribbons will make your presents appear more luxurious and expensive than they actually are.

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