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Lazy Girlfriend

Girls are always complaining about their boyfriends being lazy but it happens more often than you think that a boyfriend has a has a lazy girlfriend! Perhaps it didn't start out that way but somehow you seem to find yourself doing everything. Whether she was lazy when you met her or whether she has become lazy, here are some tips to help you regain your sanity and both of you start sharing the load equally.

Firstly you need to know if the effort of this mammoth task of changing your lazy girlfriend will be worth it. If she has many other good qualities then yes it will be worth it, but if she is simply using you then you should realise the truth and move on and find someone who gives you more respect.

Every time that she asks you to fetch and carry for her, for example make her a drink, pick up things from the shop, or clean her car, tell her in your own choice words, that it isn't always convenient to do these things. If she phones you to do something for her, say you really can't because something has cropped up and could she do it herself. By always being willing to help it has made you too easy to ask for favours.

If you live together, when the phone rings leave it, don't pick the post up, don't put the dustbin out, don't move her things lying around the bedroom, instead talk about the things that need doing and explain that you feel YOU are doing everything, and ask her if she is aware that YOU are.

Remember that there may be arguments and some rough patches but you have to persevere as to leave this situation will only lead to disaster later.

The next time you are going somewhere leave your lazy girlfriend to make the arrangements and also make sure she tells you she is doing so. If she forgets then it is her responsibility.

Ask her to do something for you! You may get a mouthful or you may be pleasantly surprised!

Some people just don't see an untidy mess and living in clutter is not a problem for them, or they leave things to the last minute, or are often late. It just is how they are made and not always how they are brought up.

You may not be able to change your lazy girlfriend totally but with patience and staying calm, especially when an argument is brewing, you will survive!

Perhaps pretend you are ill (we need extreme measures sometimes) and see how she copes with having more to do!

If she is planning on having children one day , hint how untidy children can be and that it is much easier if you are organised and know where things are.

Hopefully with some perseverance and biting your tongue, things will start to improve. If you ignore the situation and just hope that things will improve you will be waiting a long time. Act now. Maybe when you meet a mate and he says "my lazy girlfriend bla bla bla" or whatever, you'll be able to help him with a few pointers!

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