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Dominant Girlfriends

Are you being bullied by your girlfriend? This can sound amusing to some people but when it is a reality it is far from funny. Relationships can start out on an equal basis but somehow some girls can start to be very dominant and it creeps up on the guy slowly and without him realising that it's happening. If you love your girlfriend and think perhaps she is not aware that she is treating you badly or taking you for granted then here are some tips to help you change your dominant girlfriend.

  • When she next demands that you drop what you are doing and go with her somewhere don't just agree or mumble something and go, you have to make a point of telling her (in a nice way of course) that you are not prepared to just jump up the next time she does this and that you want a bit of notice.
  • If you are out with friends and she talks about you as if you are not there, wait until you are alone together and tell her not to do that again as you are quite capable of talking for yourself. Remind her that you are her boyfriend, not her pet dog!
  • Stop doing all the little favours that dominant girlfriends like, for example going to the shop for her, washing her car, taking her to places she wants to go when you're not really fussed, and even worse, not going somewhere when you want to and she says you can't! You must explain that you have your own things to do and your own interests and that you need to do them.

I could give more examples but i'm sure you have got the message by now. By treating her like a princess she has just taken you for granted and it's turned her into a dominant girlfriend. Most girls would appreciate your kindness and give the same back, but if she doesn't see it then you have to make a stand and sort it out now before things become worse.

There maybe arguments and you may have a rough ride for a time but with perseverance you can save your relationship and enjoy sharing life equally. If you don't get anywhere with your new approach despite tactfully and calmly telling her how you feel, then you need to think about moving on and find someone who will love you for all the good things you do, and you won't have to find yourself telling any more dominant girlfriend stories, lets face it, saying "my dominant girlfriend did this or that" doesn't sound too hot! Dominant girlfriends are something you nice guys don't need.

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