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8 Things Guys Don't Understand About Girls

1) Why must girls not only make the bed but arrange each pillow individually.

It's only going to get messed up again anyway, but girls insist on keeping the bedroom as well as the entire house mess free. You know what they say - a tidy house is a tidy mind and that's just how girls like to be.

2) Why do girls take so long to get ready when we're only going to the shop!

Girls always insist on looking their best whenever they leave the house. If only this were true whilst they were in the house. A girls image is always at the forefront of their mind so no matter where they go, they have to look good, just incase they bump into someone they know.

3) Why do kisses on the end of text messages mean so much?

Girls texts seam to be written in far superior code than guys texts. Each different number of X's at the end of texts seam to spell out something different. Us guys will never understand it, but if I can offer you one piece of advice it is NEVER to forget putting one on the end of your text.

4) Why girls use chocolate to get over just about anything

A girl eating lots of chocolate = lonely

Chocolate to girls is like anti depressants to guys. They aren't actually playing up to a "girls love chocolate" fad, they do actually use chocolate as a comfort food to cope with any stress in their life.

5) Why do girls need more than 1 of an almost identical handbag/ shoes/top

A black pair of high heals is a black pair of high heals, surely? Obviously not in the world of females! Any girl will happily collect multiple pairs of black heals, all looking pretty much identical. And they won't only do it with heals, they seam to do it with tops, jumpers, jackets and even jewelry.

6) Why do girls insist on being independent, but still expect the man to open doors, buy them presents and do the chasing?

The word hypocrite comes to mind...or even better selfish! Girls claim that they want to be independent and equal, yet when it comes to traditional values that work in their favor they expect these too!

7) Why are girls always right?

I can't even begin to explain this one. Girls have to argue that they are right with just about everything. And if there argument is flawed and they realize that they were in-fact wrong, they will argue that you are being wrong about the arguing.

8) Why girls don't wear the trousers, they are just more fussy than men!

It's not that guys are push-overs and let the girls wear the trousers in the relationship, it's that guys just aren't that fussy. Girls bang on about it having to be this that, or want something different that guys just let them do it. It's that simple.

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