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8 Things Guys Don't Understand About Girls

I take a look at a list of things us men will quite possibley never understand...and try to make sense of them anyway!

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-What to buy your girlfriend for christmas

Seevice look at some of the BEST and WORST presents you could buy your girlfriend for Christmas.

-Rebound Relationships

Have you fell for someone after a recent break up? Do you geniunly like this person enough to commit yourself to them or is this a rebound relationship that won't lead anywhere?

-How to know if your in love

Is it lust, romance or true love? It is hard to tell if you are in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Natalie takes a look at what factors you can look at to help decide if you are in love or lust with your partner.

-Happy relationships - How to make it last

You have been together for some time and you think you are the perfect couple, but how can you keep it this way. You've heard of other relationships that have broken down that were also 'perfect couples', so how can you keep yours running smoothly as you never want to loose this wonderful partnership.

-Jealous girlfriend troubles

Is your girlfriend giving you a hard time over X, Y and even Z? Perhaps she's jealous of you having fun with your friends, getting attention from other girls and living an *exciting* life.

-How to get on with your girlfriends parents

Knowing how to get on with your girlfriends parents will help you build a stronger and happier relationship. Mums and Dads can be a pain sometimes but at the end of the day they are just normal people.

-Relationships Apart

Are you spending time apart from your partner? Time apart can put pressure on a relationship and cause many problems, but don't let it break you!

-Trial separations

Are you thinking about having a trial separation with your partner?

-Is love enough?

Is love all we need for a happy relationship? Some people like to think so but is the hoenst truth when financial times or family difficulties make things are hard?

-Controlling Partners

Do you feel like your partner is trying to control you? Are they telling you what to wear? How to act? Do you feel like you need permission to go out and see your friends?

-Why Girls Don't Like Nice Guys

Are you one of these guys that is willing to do anything to keep your girlfriend happy? Do you get a her a drink, go to the shop and let her watch what she wants on television just to keep her happy? Well heres your wake up call - girls don't like nice guys and here is why!

-How To Plan A Romantic Weekend For Your Girlfriend

Treating your girlfriend to a weekend away is one of the most romantic things a guy can do. So if your looking for the boyfriend of the year award you must give this article a read!

-Problems With Your Girlfriends Dad

Getting on with your girlfriends Dad is an important part in a healthy relationship. If you have problems with your girlfriends dad can you solve them?

-My Drunk Girlfriend

Most girls love to drink alcohol, some more than others. Is your girlfriend getting drunk all the time putting a strain on your relationship?

-Should I Marry Her

Thinking of marrying that special girl? Marriage is possibley one of the hardest choices you will ever have to make so consider it seriously..

-Lazy Girlfriend

It's most commonly though that girls have to suffer with the lazy partner, but more often than not it's your girlfriend that is messy and doesn't want to do anything exciting, especially in a longer relationship. Let's take a look at how you can change the scenario.

-Dominant Girlfriends

Is your girlfriend expecting too much of you? Are you tip toeing around her and doing what she wants so she doesn't get angry? It's time to man up and encourage an equal relationship!

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