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How to tell if she fancies you

She is your dream girl and you want to ask her out, but how can you be sure she feels the same way about you! Here are some common signs that can help you to decide.

Talking & Body Language

If she speaks to you and uses your name more often than usual.

She stands next to you, standing slightly closer than necessary.

If you bump into her she always makes conversation.

If you happen to be in the same group of people, she is often watching you and alert for if you speak to her.

She twists her hair around her finger and looks a little preoccupied.

Her Eyes..

When she looks at you she looks happy and her eyes "smile". Her gaze also lasts a second or two longer.

If you talk to her she looks embarrassed and may look away, but this is because she is shy and excited at the same time.

Going Places

Look out for any invites that you know your dream girl maybe going to. She may ask someone to ask you to go. She may also turn up at places that she knows you go to.

Hopefully you will be able to detect if this is you dream girl and that she feels the same way about you too. Waste no more time, get out there and ask her out.

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