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Girls Flirting Signs

How do you recognize those flirting signals? Often you can be doing your flirting bit but how do you know if this gorgeous girl is flirting with you.

First off, don't take girls flirting signs as definite, you need to make sure she has carried out at least 2 of the most important ones toward you as girls love to flirt even if they are perhaps not wanting a date with anyone, watch and see if she is generally flirting or are her flirting signals aimed at you.


  1. The way she walks or sits and how she holds her head.
  2. The way she drinks from a glass is more seductive.
  3. She runs her fingers through her hair or plays with her necklace.
  4. She will find a reason to walk past you to get nearer to you.
  5. She will smile at you and hold her gaze but then she will look away.
  6. If she is with a crowd, she will try and separate from them to let you know she is available.
  7. If you are standing or sitting close to each other she will mimic your body movements, for example if you move toward her she will move toward you.
  8. One of the most genuine signs of flirting is that she will talk with her eyes, look at you with meaning and her smile will be warm and sincere.
  9. When conversation happens she will be interested in what you say.
  10. She will touch you when you are talking, maybe on your arm or hand or stand really close to you, these are definite signs a girl/woman is flirting with you.

With practice you will recognize these wonderful girls flirting signs. They are natural and harmless and fun and maybe you will be the next target!

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