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Flirting Tips For Guys

Flirting - one of girls favorite and fun things. It's natural and girls will always flirt with boys, even if they don't want him for keeps! Even if you know how to flirt, here are some good flirting tips and some great flirting tips to get those boys chasing after you!

Flirting tips with men

  1. When you're out and about and in the company of boys/men and there is one in particular that you fancy, look appealing. Not you look or outfit etc, that is done before you go out. Look appealing, the way you walk, how you hold your head, the gestures you make, for example running your fingers through your hair, all these things make a difference.
  2. How to flirt with your eyes. Look over at your chosen guy and talk with your eyes, that doesn't mean roll them around your head, but gently look at him for a few seconds that's all,or it will turn into a stare.
  3. When the opportunity is right, smile at him, not a big grin! but a smile that shows you are a happy person and you look like you would be fun to be with.
  4. How to flirt tips can be a little crafty! One is to place something in your hair, something that shouldn't be there, like a small piece of cotton, so that if you are standing close to him, he should notice and offer to move it, or, put you fingers through your hair and pretend to feel it and then ask him to remove it!
  5. If conversation hasn't started but he is near you, ask a simple question (not the time!) that's a bit naff, or say casually how hot/busy/noisy it is, whatever is appropriate at the time and place for where you are.
  6. Girl flirting tips are easy but perhaps some girls flirting tips on what not to do are harder! For example what not to do, how many times do we go out looking gorgeous and then as the night goes on and we've been drinking non stop (even though again we were going to take it easier) we start looking a bit worse for wear! So, if you have reached this stage, forget the flirting. Dancing on the table won't get you a man either, a crowd of onlookers yes!
  7. Chewing gum for most guys is a turn off, also fiddling with your nails or anything else is not very captivating.
  8. Talking too much will not do you any favors either, remember that conversation is two ways.


Strangely enough, shy girls probably have to do less than most girls. Shyness is appealing to men/boys and the best piece of advice for all you shy girls is to relax and just wait for all those guys to come running! You don't have to be forward and outgoing to get yourself a great guy. Of course there are all the above tips for you to try.

Hopefully you have enjoyed these tips on flirting with boys/men/guys whatever you like to call those lovely males.

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