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Cheating Signs - Is Your Girlfriend A Cheat?

If you think that you girlfriend is cheating, you will be feeling deeply hurt and your pride badly bruised, not to mention angry!..Girls can be very good at hiding their tracks when cheating and lying but signs of cheating can be found if you look closely enough. Here are some distinct "Is she cheating signs" that give away the fact that she is cheating on you.

Girlfriends Appearance

She always looks good but lately she is making even more effort about her appearance, she is buying new clothes/make up and having her hair done and probably talking to you about clothes and hair styles etc. This is because she is feeling guilty.


When you are talking to her she seems elsewhere and isn't really listening. This could be because she is thinking about someone else and not you. She is not interested in talking about holidays or anything else connected to future plans together. She doesn't want to stay in for a "just the two of you evening" perhaps because you will chat a lot and this could involve her having to lie. Some topics of conversation make her look guilty and uncomfortable.

Clocks & Phones

Your girlfriend is clock watching a lot lately, maybe she is thinking about what 'he' is doing or thinking of their next meeting. Her mobile is always on silent when you are together these days which is a real give away, and there are a lot of 'wrong' numbers on the house phone lately.

Your Girlfriend Is Not At Home

If you happen to call at her home she is out when before she was always there Her friends are asking her to go out in the evenings, there always seems to be a birthday celebration or hen night to go to and she`s extremely late returning.

Miscellaneous Cheating Signs

Receipts, phone bill missing, odd hairs, smell of aftershave, cleaning her car, she seems happy all the time, she is being very nice to you, buys you gifts, doesn't come straight home after work/college, has a shower as soon as she comes in, she has a cuddly toy which she says a friend gave her.

Hopefully your girlfriend isn't cheating on you so be careful before you accuse her of anything. If she is and suspects that you are on to her, she will cover her tracks more efficiently so beware and weigh everything up very carefully.

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