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Why facebook sucks for meeting girls

Facebook sucks for meeting girls and here is why...

Facebook girls log-on for their ego.

I'm sure you will have noticed that girls status updates are ALWAYS geared to paint a picture of how cool they are. The messages they write on their friends walls are exactly the same.. they are always about an amazing party they are going to or how sexy they both are.

Facebook girls photo albums always contain self taken photographs with the perfect angle pointing down their cleavage or nights out with the girls where they are doing sexy random things...most usually in the bathroom of night clubs for some strange reason...

facebook girlThe majority of girls on Facebook are either..

  1. They are in a relationship.
  2. They are stuck up attention seekers.
  3. Thy are spammed hundreds of times a week by guys sending them identical messages like "hey bbz what you upto!? I found your profile and you look really nice."

Most girls on Facebook really aren't interested in dating or meeting guys online..

All this and more makes facebook a really bad place to find a nice girl to date or eventually make your girlfriend.

So.. how do people meet girls online?

You need to use genuine dating web sites like Metrodate. This is because the girls on real dating web sites have signed up for one reason and that is to date or meet guys online.

I personally recommend Metrodate to most of my friends because girls on this web site are looking for to meet guys - they haven't signed up to gain attention OR to make themselves appear cooler to their friends and family.

It's pretty simple really...

Facebook girls log-on for their ego.

Metrodate girls log-on to meet guys because they want a boyfriend or some action.

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