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How To Improve Self Confidence

Do you suffer from a low esteem? Do you get nervous and anxious frequently? Don't worry as we have Natalie to guide you through some tips that will help you shine with confidence in no time!

-Christmas poem for that special girl

Got your eye on that special girl? Why not send her a love poem and make her yours this Christmas time!

-Body Language

Humans read body language so naturally that we don't understand how important it actually is. Some guys and girls just naturally have a super attractive aura but what makes them so attractive? It's their confident, relaxed body language!

-Should I Ask A Guy Out?

Does the girl do the asking out? What if he says no? There is no reward without risk!

-How to tell if she fancies you

Here are some signs and signals to look out for and hopefully find out if she fancies you or not.

-Girls Flirting Signs

How to read the signals and signs when a girl or woman is flirting with you.

-8 Things Guys Don't Understand About Girls

I take a look at a list of things us men will quite possibley never understand...and try to make sense of them anyway!

-What to buy your girlfriend for christmas

Seevice look at some of the BEST and WORST presents you could buy your girlfriend for Christmas.

-How to know if your in love

Is it lust, romance or true love? It is hard to tell if you are in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Natalie takes a look at what factors you can look at to help decide if you are in love or lust with your partner.

-Happy relationships - How to make it last

You have been together for some time and you think you are the perfect couple, but how can you keep it this way. You've heard of other relationships that have broken down that were also 'perfect couples', so how can you keep yours running smoothly as you never want to loose this wonderful partnership.

-Jealous girlfriend troubles

Is your girlfriend giving you a hard time over X, Y and even Z? Perhaps she's jealous of you having fun with your friends, getting attention from other girls and living an *exciting* life.

-Cheating Signs - Is Your Girlfriend A Cheat?

Cheating signs - are you worried your girlfriend is cheating on you? Maybe you should look out for some of these common signs that she is a cheat.

-Why facebook sucks for meeting girls

Here is EXACTLY why facebook sucks compared to other dating websites for meeting girls online.

-10 Ways To Get A Girl

Putting these 10 hot tips into practice will get you attracting girls in no time!

-Why don't girls like me?

Starting to feel like girls don't like you? Let's take a look at what you can do to change that feeling.

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-Do men cry?

Guys never want to mention the fact that they have cried, but why? All men have shed a tear once in their life time but why is it us men feel the need to hide it?

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