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Cheating Signs - Is Your Boyfriend A Cheat

Some boys have no conscience about cheating and some boys just can't help themselves. Is your boyfriend cheating or are you just paranoid?

Signs of cheating are always at the back of a girls mind. Especially if it is a new relationship as you don't know your boyfriend inside out. Here are some of the most common signs that will indicate if your boyfriend is cheating or lying

When you talk to him he doesn't seam interested and his mind is elsewhere. this could be because he is thinking about someone else and not you.

He arrives late

He arrives late to meet you looking rushed, this could mean that he has just left her, do you know for sure where has been before he met you?

He isn't at home anymore

Sometimes you call at this house unexpectedly and he is out when he didn't used to be.

He has an eye on the clock

You have noticed that recently, he is always watching the clock and his mobile is always on silent.

His mobile is on silent

This is a compete give away that he is cheating, unless he has told you that he is waiting for an important call or text.

He is going out without you more

He has started telling you that he is going out with his mates a lot more than he used to. Are you sure that he is definitely out with his mates?

He buys new clothes

He has started making more of an effort. For example he has started buying new clothes and aftershave, this could be another danger sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

He has a guilty conscience

Certain things crop up in conversation that make him look guilty and uncomfortable. This is a red zone area that indicates that you have one unfaithful cheating boyfriend! For example, he's not interested in a nice night in together or interested in talking about future plans like holidays together.

My favorite cheating give away is if you suggest going somewhere that you know he loves and he says he is not sure if he can make it.

Hopefully some of these cheating signs have been helpful to you and when you ask yourself "is my man cheating on me" you can arrive at a decision for what course of action you are going to take. Come to your own conclusion and deal with the situation in the best way.

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