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Why is he ignoring me

Once it becomes obvious that there is no desire in your guys life to see you and you find yourself sat alone miserable wondering "why is he ignoring me"? it's time to ask yourself a few questions about why he is ignoring you.

Look at these answers, is this what you are thinking?

  • When he's out with his mates and I happen to show up he ignores me.
  • When I call him on the phone he's never 'at home'.
  • When I text or email him he ignores me.
  • Even though I look gorgeous he ignores me.

Is this familiar?

These signs mean that your now ex boyfriend is just not into you and he is probably playing the field elsewhere. It's strange given that men always want to be macho, that they can't seem to face putting their cards on the table, this is one area where some are cowards. Many men do the ignoring 'thing' and it really is disrespectful and hurtful. Most girls simply want to know where they stand so they can move on and enjoy their life.

You need to let him go and remember that life is fun and you can start looking for a new guy. If you feel like you need a closure to this episode you could txt him saying something like "I realize that you're not interested, and i'm happy to move on, so good luck and bye bye". As soon as you accept the situation you will start to feel better, you will be free of all that waiting and those 'what if's'. Be positive and confident and enjoy starting a new chapter in your life.

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