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Why does he lie

If you are in a relationship and you've realized that your boyfriend lies to you regularly then you may have a problem on your hand.

  1. He is lying could be a bad habit.
  2. Your boyfriend could be addicted to lying.
  3. He could be a compulsive liar.

Whichever way he lies you need to be aware that your relationship will develop a lot of problems with continual lying which are better solved now rather than later.

The reasons for lying of any type are usually a sign of deeper issues which maybe lack of confidence, wanting to be liked, feeling inferior, wanting power and underachieving to name just some.

Boys often lie/exaggerate at the start of a relationship because they want to impress and keep the girl they've got! It's when lying continue's that you need to try and stop his lies. In a successful relationship you want someone who never tells you lies.


If the lies are light hearted and not of serious content, for example every day simple things that you can jokingly snap him out of by saying, "You know I don't believe you" or "I'll found out sooner or later", then the chances are his lies will become less and less and fizzle out.


If your boyfriend is constantly lying, from being late to breaking promises then there are probably underlying problems. Firstly though you have to know if he still wants to be with you as he may be lieing because he doesn't care anymore, he may even be cheating, here are some common boyfriend cheating signs. If you are a happy unit then you can start to tackle his lies.

Don't confront him and make him feel embarrassed but question what he has told you whilst acting puzzled. His answers may not be very satisfactory but accept them this time. Continue to do this on subsequent occasions and gradually become firmer and ask for more clarification. There maybe a few upsets along the way but he has to realize that you won't settle for lies. On each occasion make sure you stay calm and reassure him that you love him. There could've been things that happened in the past to have made him this way. You can ask him why does he lie? and that you will try and understand whatever he tells you. With time and as he comes to trust you more and more, hopefully the lies will diminish.


How to stop compulsive lying cannot usually be dealt with without some extra outside help. The person who is doing the compulsive lying is usually not going to admit they have a problem and can be quite hostile towards anyone who tries to intervene. Compulsive lying is usually too difficult to live with as you can end up in a perpetual state of anxiety This is because compulsive lying can be linked to a personality disorder, perhaps from childhood stress or other deep rooted feelings such as feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, fear or the need to control people, by controlling people they are keeping control over their own life. Help for compulsive lying is probably best through counseling or a psychiatrist. Some people can learn how to stop compulsive lying whilst others find it difficult.Help for compulsive lying is something that researchers are progressing with and for those who want help, and with help from people who are close to them, then the chances of getting rid of the addiction are hopeful.

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