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My boyfriend is lazy

Do you have a lazy boyfriend? Do you feel like you are deciding everything that you both do? Do you struggle even to get a simple reply about anything? Is he always late? Not to mention his bedroom, is it a hazard to anyone who may dare to go in there with wall to wall dirty clothes, rubbish and used cups and plates?

What can you do to change all this, or at least some of it?

Firstly, you must love your boyfriend and think he has good qualities or you wouldn't have put up with him being so lazy, but if he's driving you mad now then unless you want to move on you need to get this lazy boyfriend into gear!

Before you come down on lazy boyfriend like a ton of bricks, you need to understand that some people are made in a way that they just don't see a mess, and often it can be very intelligent people that are like this so in some areas you may need to make slight allowances as you can't change stone to water.

The very next time you need arrangements to be made, ask lazy boyfriend to deal with it and make sure he knows he has told you that he will. If you are prepared for not going to 'whatever' then you won't be disappointed and he will be held responsible. Don't nag him after this because you want to keep arguing to a minimum as there are more things to come for him to wake up to!

Especially for those living with a lazy boyfriend, make a point of telling him that you won't be picking up his mess any more as you feel like a slave and by him not looking after his own stuff it turns you right off him as it's like looking after a child. At the same time you think he has no respect for you or he wouldn't leave his mess for you to live in.

Anything else that you do that your lazy boyfriend should be doing, take the same approach, explain in a pleasant way that you can't live like this but remember to compromise with some things as this may all be a shock to him. (of course this is for the lazy boyfriend that's worth saving, not a total user, we say bye bye to those!)

This task has to be consistent and you need to expect some falling out and a bit of a rough time. However, with perseverance and keeping calm when any argument arises, (it helps to think of this as your project) you should survive and it is better to resolve this problem now. Things will only become worse in the future as you find yourself more and more irritated with his laziness. Hang in there!

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