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Moving In With Your Boyfriend - Living Together

This is a BIG one. So many of us think that moving in together is the answer to all our problems regarding getting to know someone before you marry them or living together on a permanent basis. But you would be surprised at how many people move in together for reasons that are not really connected to that purpose and turn a blind eye to everyday living problems.

Here are some things to consider before you move in with someone.

  • Are you in the first stages of romance where you just know that you will never have an argument or disagreement and everyday will be fun and laughter?.
  • Do you think that you will feel more secure, knowing where he or she is most of the time?
  • Is moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend a way of getting away from your family life?
  • Do you think it will make you feel sophisticated/grown up?
  • Are you ready to give commitment?
  • There will be less freedom as you will spend much more time together.
  • No more romantic first dates.
  • Are you really ready to share a bathroom?
  • When you come in and kick your shoes off and throw your coat/stuff anywhere, will this be acceptable to your other half?
  • Chores need to be shared, not only done! a room, especially a kitchen can be cluttered in no time.
  • When you go out together will you have the same enthusiasm having said most things before you've ventured out?
  • Is this going to be financially easy? Who is responsible for the rent or mortgage, there can be complications and ill feelings if you break up and one of you is left with everything to pay? Who will pay what of the other bills?
  • Even sharing can cause problems, for example, listening to music, watching tv, using the iron, heating on or off, food,-do you eat the last 3 biscuits or bag of crisps to yourself or do you share?!
  • Will you see as much of your friends?
  • If you have your friends round for drinks etc will your partner object?

Will you feel jealous when your partner wants to go out with his friends?

Apart from all these reasons why you should think things through, there is also an interesting fact that research shows that more couples living together split up than couples that get married. Yes very surprising. In a nut shell, couples that live together are there because they know that as soon as they are displeased they can up and leave, where as married couples have made a commitment to life together and have to make things work.

So before you get carried away with the thoughts of moving in with him/her, moving into a house, renting a flat or buying new furniture and moving boxes and boxes of new things that you have bought, just think carefully before you make your move! It will save a lot of heartache and misery in the long run.

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