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My Boyfriend is Insecure

When you met your boyfriend you probably didn't notice anything different about him regarding his insecurity. This is probably because he didn't want you to think for a minute that he may get jealous, envy things about your life or anything else. As time goes on though , insecurities start to creep up and you suddenly realize that you have a situation.

How to tell if my boyfriend is insecure

Here is a list of insecurities that may help you to decide if your boyfriend is insecure.

  • Is your boyfriend constantly phoning or texting you?
  • When you are together in public does your boyfriend always want you next to him?
  • Is your boyfriend jealous when other guys look at you?
  • Does your boyfriend ask everyday what you have been doing?
  • Does your boyfriend want to know where you are going and what time you will be back?
  • Does your boyfriend constantly want to be with you?

Would he prefer for you both not to go to a party because he knows he will be on edge all night worrying that you might start to fancy someone better than him?

All these signs indicate that you boyfriend needs your help (Insecure boyfriends don't equal losers!). If he is a lovely guy and this is the only part of your relationship that needs help then you can build up his security levels and enjoy your relationship. Here are some tips on how to deal with an insecure boyfriend and how you can help him before he drives you mad!

  • Give him compliments, tell him when he does something good or helpful. Really boost his ego and show that you appreciate him. He may in the past have had too much criticism.
  • Make sure you let him know that he is the only one for you, especially if you are out together, no flirting, not for a while anyway!
  • Make him as much part of your family as you can, as he may not have had as happy an upbringing as you.
  • Stay calm. If he does blow his top on one or two occasions, this is probably only frustration and if you can, reassure him that everything is ok and you don't suddenly hate him.

You need to ask yourself if you can do this. With an insecure boyfriend you need patience and understanding. Your boyfriend may just need time to settle and relax and if you feel he is worth it then it's possible you may end up with the man of your dreams.

A word of warning

Don't end up being a slave to someone who is just taking you for granted and trying to domineer you. This is a different situation and one that you do not need to be in.

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