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I think my boyfriend is gay

If you are worried that your boyfriend is gay, you probably want to find out for sure before your relationship goes on any longer. It is better to know now than further down the line which will cause more hurt for both of you, also this thought will continue to annoy you. What are your suspicions? Does your boyfriend have a flat decorated in much better taste than you have usually seen? Does he dress immaculately? Does his voice change sometimes, especially when he's had a few drinks? How does he move? Does he admire certain girl singers or actresses? Does he comment on how other girls' look but more in a way of being interested in their clothes and hair than checking them out. Of course these are not 100% definite signs but you may have heard from other sources that he may have gay tendencies too.

If you are really concerned about your relationship (unless you are happy to wait and see if time will tell) although you could end up waiting a long time, you need to talk to him about this, there really isn't any other way. Before you do, here are some tips that can help.

Your boyfriend may not even realise that he is gay himself yet, Sometimes it can take years before someone realises that they are gay or even Bi sexual. It can even be after marriage and children that some people realise which way their sexuality is going.

Your boyfriend may be wondering if he is gay and this in itself can put a lot of pressure on him.

Remember to tell your boyfriend that you are fine with whatever he is even though it may change the course of both your lives at this point.

Explain that you are not prying but it is only fair that you should know as you have your life to live, of course if your boyfriend can't give you a definite answer then you may want to continue your relationship with him for a while longer as he may be straight and just has a few quirks! Your boyfriend can have a few differences and still be absolutely lovable!

When you discuss issues with your boyfriend can you both stay calm? Does your boyfriend clam up or get angry? How you usually act can perhaps help you to structure your discussion with him. Plan carefully what you are going to say, and most importantly be aware of getting into a yelling match or you will not achieve anything.

Hopefully this will help to get you through this situation of "I think my boyfriend is gay" and even if you end your relationship it doesn't mean you have to end a great friendship.

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