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I spy on my boyfriend

If you feel the need to spy on your boyfriend, you have to ask yourself why do you want to do it?

Do you not have respect for your boyfriend, does he lie to you? Can't you trust him? Maybe he cheated on you in the past? Are the reasons you snoop on him all in your own head, you imagine him doing bad things when all the time he is innocent. Whatever the reason for your prying, you will not feel good about yourself for snooping around in his personal belongings and there could be consequences that you don't expect.


If you have suspicions then why shouldn't you find the proof you can confront him with?

The answer to this one is that you may be wrong. It is such a temptation to pry but think of how you would feel if he was looking through your things.


Even if you don't find the incriminating evidence you think you will find, you may find things that will upset you like a letter he wrote to a past girlfriend or gifts he has received from them. And what if you find nothing bad at all! His only keepsakes are from you! You will then have to live with yourself for being a prying girlfriend and suffer in silence unless you tell him you were snooping on him. A word of warning, guys do not like being spied on!

Remember that not everyone is an open book. This is not because they are trying to hide anything, they simply don't feel it necessary to tell the world their past or what they have done in the last 24hours!

The only times that you should allow yourself to spy on your boyfriend are:

  1. You know he is cheating on you. You have been told by a reliable source that he has been seen with someone else.
  2. He is happy to carry on cheating even though he knows that you are aware of it, and continues to deny it. You then need some evidence to show him that this is the end of the road for him and this time you won't care if he knows you were prying into his things!

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