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Going on holiday for the first time with your boyfriend

Going on holiday for the first time with you boyfriend can be one of the most exciting things you can do. Spending every day and night together, and all that love and romance means you're probably ticking off the days. it`s like going on your perfect first date with him again! Besides all the usual gear that you have to take , there are some other important "first vacation things" you'll need!

To make your holiday the greatest, here are a few useful tips and ideas.


The most important are: a smile, a sense of humor and some "give and take"! This is because there are two of you to please and also, any holiday problems that arise are easier to sort out with a sense of humor and a smile.


Planning in advance saves a lot of hassle and stress when you arrive in you room and unpack knowing that you have everything you need. Make sure that you have covered everything including extras and emergencies.


I don't mean pack his case for him but make sure he has everything. You can ask him discreetly or just ask him outright (depending on how well you know him) He'll love you all the more when you are there and his snorkel and flippers are packed!


Before you go discuss any sleeping habits, for example, some people can sleep through anything and others are very light sleepers. This could mean possibly not booking a room over or near the night life.


It may seem strange but competing over the bathroom can cause more trouble than you would imagine! When you are going out it makes the most sense for girls to use the bathroom first as they take longer to get ready (usually) although this doesn't mean hog the bathroom. Also if you are a long time blow drying your hair/doing your make up, tell him in advance and then at least he's prepared and he can find something to do so that he isn't fed up waiting and you don't feel rushed.


Discuss anything that may worry you before you go. It`s easier than when you are there, for example your boyfriend may have been looking forward to going on a long boat trip but you suffer from sea sickness.


Conversation seems to dry up after a week or so even with the chattiest of couples so you could write down a few topics of conversation before you go that you could use perhaps when out having a meal or watching the world go by. It`s easier than trying to think of things to talk about when you are there.

Hopefully with the added sunshine, blue sea and sandy beaches your first vacation together will be a great success and a memorable occasion.

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