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Does my boyfriend want to marry me?

After going out with a guy for a year or two it's only natural to start thinking about that wonderful word marriage! You have decided that he is the man for you and a ring on your finger would make your life complete! The problem is, your boyfriend hasn't hinted in any way that he is thinking on the same lines as you.

How do you start the ball rolling to find out if he wants to marry you?

Here are a few ideas that will help you to be sure that he's feeling the same about getting married as you.

  • Is he always pleased to see you when you meet, I mean do his eyes still light up or does he look as though he's just met a mate?
  • Does he still make an effort with his appearance when he see's you?
  • Does he ever talk about the future including both of you in the picture?
  • Is he helpful and caring with little things and also interested in your ambitions/work/family.
  • Is he happy with you when you are with his family, for example he enjoys it when you talk to members of his family?
  • If children are mentioned is he interested or is he still in the "me and my mates zone"
  • Is he interested in house prices or flats or does he ever talk about saving money for the future.

If you are happy with the above questions, you can now start dropping hints..

Here are some suggestions for you to say to him to see how he responds. Of course, choose when to ask him carefully!

  • "Did you know x & x are getting married?"
  • Did you hear about x & x moving into a house together?"
  • "If you had children, do you want a boy or a girl first?"
  • "How many children would you like?"

With his response from these 4 simple statements you will probably be able to tell if he is interested in marriage, or, if he is presuming it will just happen automatically in the future, or if he is still wanting to be single and not ready for commitment and settling down.

If it is apparent that he wants to be with you and marry you then you needn't do much more! Simply move on to the next stage of telling him how happy you are both going to be and continue to talk about your future "as if" marriage has been planned.

If it is obvious that in the future he sees you both married or even living together, but there is not much action on the scene, then you will need to work a bit harder. For example:

  • Tell him how much more economical it will be living together.
  • How happy your families would be.
  • It would be nice to do things properly.
  • You really want to be his wife.
  • You think he would be a great husband and father.
  • You think he is really responsible, caring and you just want to be with him for ever!

If it is the 3rd result and he just laughs at what you say and looks puzzled or has a questioning "what" face, then he certainly isn't ready to settle down yet or ready for commitment.

This may not be because you are not the one, it may be that he wants to carry on for a while longer before he feels the time is right for him.

However after considering everything, only you can decide for yourself whether you want to wait for your guy and give him more time, (wedding plans may be his worst nightmare) or whether you are wasting your efforts on some one who perhaps isn't right for you. Think it through and you will make the right decision.

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