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Boyfriend Commitment

How much commitment do you want?

If you are looking for a life long relationship, take it easy and be careful you don't frighten him away. Boys don't like to feel pressured or even rushed into commitment. You need to allow things to develop naturally and earn his affections trust and friendship. You cannot nag your boyfriend into commitment, as no amount of nagging him or telling him what to do will make him want to commit.

Boys generally do the opposite to what we ask if we order them around!

As an example, when he goes out with his friends don't sulk, but instead tell him to have a good time. By showing that you are happy for him to go out shows that you trust him which he will appreciate and make make him want to stay with you because he wants to and not because he feels he has to. Boys are very aware of girls trying to smother them and don't like to feel under the thumb.

Guys like it if you are flexible with arrangements, so don't pressure him into setting a date to do something if he doesn't want to. If he is late, don't send him hundreds of texts to try and rush him as the chances are he will arrive stressed and angry, especially if the extra 15 minutes doesn't affect your arrangements.

Remember to tell him how much you appreciate him and just be yourself at all times.

Telling him you appreciate him will make him feel good and wanted. Guys like to feel worthy and this will only do positives things for your relationship. It may even make him more enthusiastic and want to do more things for you and be with you.

Boyfriend Commitment In A Nutshell

  • Take it easy
  • Show that you can trust him
  • Be flexible
  • Tell him you appreciate him
  • Be yourself

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