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Rebound Relationships

Have you fell for someone after a recent break up? Do you geniunly like this person enough to commit yourself to them or is this a rebound relationship that won't lead anywhere?

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-Why is he ignoring me

Sometimes guys become ignorant for one reason or another. In a lot of cases it's that your boyfriend doesn't want to continue seeing you any longer.

-Why does he lie

Are you suspicious about the things your boyfriend is telling you? He may be lying, but what is he lieing for? Is it insecurity? Is he hiding something? Is he a cheat?

-How to know if your in love

Is it lust, romance or true love? It is hard to tell if you are in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Natalie takes a look at what factors you can look at to help decide if you are in love or lust with your partner.

-Depressed boyfriend

Have you noticed that your boyfriend is feeling sad, miseraable and upset? These are signs of depression and you can help him feel more happy.

-Happy relationships - How to make it last

You have been together for some time and you think you are the perfect couple, but how can you keep it this way. You've heard of other relationships that have broken down that were also 'perfect couples', so how can you keep yours running smoothly as you never want to loose this wonderful partnership.

-How to make a guy jealous

Making a guy jealous is a bit naughty, but if you feel like getting into some trouble here are some tips on how to make guys jealous.

-Do men cry?

Guys never want to mention the fact that they have cried, but why? All men have shed a tear once in their life time but why is it us men feel the need to hide it?

-Relationships Apart

Are you spending time apart from your partner? Time apart can put pressure on a relationship and cause many problems, but don't let it break you!

-Trial separations

Are you thinking about having a trial separation with your partner?

-Is love enough?

Is love all we need for a happy relationship? Some people like to think so but is the hoenst truth when financial times or family difficulties make things are hard?

-Controlling Partners

Do you feel like your partner is trying to control you? Are they telling you what to wear? How to act? Do you feel like you need permission to go out and see your friends?

-How to get on with your boyfriends mum

Most guys are very close to their Mothers so it is very important that you have a good relationship with her too! Here is some advice on how to get along with your boyfriends mum.

-My boyfriend is lazy

Have a lazy boyfriend? Is he really being lazy or is that just his personality.

-My Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted

Does your boyfriend take you for a ride? Do you feel like he is taking you for granted and not giving anything back?

-My boyfriend is addicted to weed

Are you worried that your boyfriends weed addiction is ruining your otherwise perfect relationship?

-I think my boyfriend is gay

Sometimes guys cover up their homosexuality by having a relationship with a girl but how can you tell if your boyfriend is gay?

-In love with two men

This may sound like a great prospect, but having two guys on your cards and not knowing who to choose can be a very stressful predicament, especially when you care about them both and don't want anyone getting hurt.

-I spy on my boyfriend

Are you guilty of spying or wanting to spy on your boyfriend? The first and most important thing you must ask yourself is why you want to spy on your boyfriend!?

-My Boyfriend is Insecure

Are you worried that your boyfriend is unhappy with you and insecure? This is a touchy subject which can put an unnecessary strain on a relationship.

-Going on holiday for the first time with your boyfriend

Going on holiday for the first time with your boyfriend can be quite daunting, especially if you haven't been together for very long.

-Moving In With Your Boyfriend - Living Together

Moving in with your boyfriend is a big step to a serious relationship. You will be spending lots more time with your boyfriend and will essentially be LIVING together; sharing a bathroom, cooking, cleaning and of course the bills!

-Does my boyfriend want to marry me?

Are you thinking about getting married to your long term partner? Find out if he has plans to ask you to marry him or if he is just thinking short term.

-Boyfriend Commitment

Are you looking for more commitment from your boyfriend?

-How to make up after a quarrel with your boyfriend

Have you had a quarrel with your boyfriend? It's time to look to the future and make up!

-Problems after ending a relationship

Thinking about dumping your boyfriend?

-How to deal with jealousy in a relationship

Do you think you might be feeling slightly jealous of your boyfriend? other girls he hangs around with or his friends? Let's take a look at how you can deal with jealousy in a relationship

-How to end a relationship

Thinking of ending your relationship with your boyfriend? Before you do, make sure you are 100% certain that you want to dump him!

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