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What Body Shape Are you? Use Your Figure To Your Advantage!

Men love all different shapes and sizes and most of all confidence. For this reason alone, you need to stop worrying about your wobbly bum, thunder thighs or B size cups. You gotta start learning to love them because what you might dislike, could well be a guys favorite feature and when you start to love them, your confidence will attract the guy in the long run. Let's face it, nobody finds a quiet, insecure person sexy!

Some guys like huge D cups, some like small and firm. Some like big butts and some like small round ones, it's all about how you carry yourself!

When you are out shopping or looking in a magazine, remember that not all styles will suit you. If you have your heart set on the latest Beyonce look and your breasts are a size B and your waists is tiny..then i'm afraid it's time to look for a new inspired look as the Beyonce look isn't for you. There are many many sexy petit looks to go for including Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Kyle Minogue to Mention A few.

Remember to style yourself on a look that suits your body type.

Let's take a look at all the shapes and sizes of women and why you should be proud to parade what you got:

1) Big Booty-licious.

In today's modern world, a big bum is something to show off and flaunt. Long ago were the days of covering up your big rear or having to ask the question of "does my bum look big in this?". Thanks to people like J.Lo, Beyonce, Shakira and the hit single from Sir Mix A Lot ~ Baby got back (I like big butts and I cannot lie) the big ass is the number one thing to show off if you have it. As long as you choose the right jeans, trousers or pants with a tight fit to complement that round big butt, you've got all the power you need to attract guys.

2) Twin Peaks

Big breasts are possibly a woman's number one ammunition to attract guys. Guys are attracted to just about any girl..if she has big breasts. Sad but true, but if you've got them, learn to love and flaunt them! Ensure your top fits well and you have a push up bra to show off those perky breasts. A sturdy push up bra will do you a number of favors - but don't complain when you find that guys are talking to your sexy cleavage instead of your face! The only thing you have to be careful of is showing them off too much, it can look a bit cheap if your low cut top is down to your waist!

3) Perfectly Petite

You tiny girls often have the most guys chasing you. It's not because you have the biggest assets, it's because all good things come in small packages! You small girls can date any guy without making them feel intimidated and can actually make a guy feel more "manly". Wearing small dresses or tight jeans will show off that small little figure - which guys find very sexy! Don't worry that you don't have loads of junk in that trunk or big DD's to push out your bra, flaunt what you have got it's just as sexy if not more to some guys!

4) Skinny super models

Tall skinny and beautiful. You may not have the ass of Beyonce or Boobs of Pamela Anderson but you have what every girl looks at day in and day out in the magazine.. the super model look! Because of your look, guys view you as a powerful, harder to get girl and some may even be intimidated. Because of this you will be able to attract real mature men so be down to earth and friendly and you'll find it oh so easy to attract guys.

5) The fuller figure

Seen how hot the girls look on the Dove adverts recently? That's because the natural fuller figure is sexy! Having big boobs, big hips and a big booty is simply spoiling a guy. Why would a guy choose one thing when he can have the best of all worlds!? Ensuring you dress fashionably, sexy and confident you will attract men like honey attracts the bee's.

6) Aerobic Fitties!

Your the girl that hits the gym hard 3 or more times a week. Your ass is tight, your stomach is toned and you don't have an ounce of fat on your body. So surely, with all that hard work you should get any guy you want? Yes you can! As long as you are down to earth and friendly. Nobody likes a "fit and they know it" kind of girl. This attitude can push guys away making them dislike you or even feel intimidated. Because of this you've got to work extra hard to prove how lovely you are, once you have that down to a tea you can pretty much get any guy you want!

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