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How to use body language to attract someone

How to use body language to attract someone

Body language is an extremely powerful tool and is often overlooked. Most of the time your body language is subconscious - meaning you don't realize you are doing it. With this article I am going to try and give you some tips and advice so you understand how to use body language to attract someone.

Body language tips

1 Looking twice at someone you like in the room

Eye contact is one of the most powerful ways to engage with someone. By making eye contact with someone not once but twice in a small space of time is one of the easiest ways to get their attention - and if they like what they see -be the first step to engaging in something further.

2 Walk confidently

Walking into a room with your head held high full of confidence is a sure sign of power and self worth. This is attractive. Just make sure you don't get confidence confused with cockiness or 'swagga'.

3 Smile

Smile is so simple. It shows a sure sign that you are happy and are enjoying being around someone. Get rid of that miserable nervous face that makes you look like you'd rather be elsewhere.

4 Relax

Looking relaxed shows that you are enjoying yourself. It shows that you aren't stuck up and are pretty down to earth. This is attractive.

5 Lose all the barriers

Get your hands out of your pockets. Unfold your arms. Stop twiddling your thumbs. All these signs are barriers that make you appear up tight and hard to approach.

6 Laugh

Laughing is a sign of people having a great time. Laugh with someone and you'll have a great time..as long as they laugh with you! After all, how many sayings are similar to "leg's go out and have a laugh."

7 Nod your head

Nodding your head whilst someone talks to you shows that you are listening and gives them a real sense of engagement. If they think you are interested in what they have to say, chances are they will want to talk to you some more.

8 Lick your lips

Licking of the lips is a very subconscious thing we do when we see something we like. I.e. food, beer or even an activity. This is a little body language trick that you can easily put on, just make sure you don't over do it!

9 Shaking hands

Ever been introduced to someone and not known what to say? Just sort of mumbled "hi"? Well a hand shake is an extremely polite and friendly way of meeting someone so why not use it? If you are confident enough then even try going for a kiss on the cheek whilst you shake their hand.

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