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Common Mistakes Made When Attracting Guys

When we go out looking for a guy we pull out all the stops, but do we occasionally go over the top and let ourselves by making silly mistakes that stop us getting our perfect date.

Have a look at these common mistakes that we all make now and again and hopefully success will be yours next time round and you will capture the guy of you dreams.


Where do we go ? Is it the right place for the type of guy you want? We so automatically go down town to the bright lights and the booze and perhaps this is better kept for the girls night out and think more about where guys are other than seedy clubs and pubs. There are such thing as coffee bars in the daytime, sport centers, parks that have events on. Arrange to go Go karting or paint balling with the girls, or find out what`s on in your local area. If you prefer the night scene then be choosy where you go and give the pubs and clubs full of one night standers a miss.


Off we go and buy some new clobber, but does it really look as good as something we already have, that we know really suits us and not what felt exciting in the shop when we tried it on? And are the shoes walkable? Those extra high heels? Don`t forget after a few drinks they will be even harder to walk in!


This is where we slap too much on, and we can hardly see where we are going through our new false spidery lashes. Also trying a new hair color or style can be risky unless it`s a real confidence booster in which case brilliant.


When in the company of guys, chewing gum, swearing and non stop talking are a turn off, especially if you are in a bar and have had a few too many drinks as well.


Telling your life story is boring and to keep a bit of mystery about yourself is much more alluring.

If he`s looking at your body whilst you are talking to him instead of into your eyes, then he hasn't fallen for your wonderful personality!

Don`t make first dates with a guy because someone else said you would have a great time with them. Make you own mind up.

Giving a guy your phone number is a big no no. Guys will always find a way to get in touch with you if they want to. They actually enjoy doing this` it`s part of the chase.

If you have attracted a nice guy and he escorts you home, don't tell him how available you are next week or write your phone number on his hand. Rest assured if he likes you he will get in touch with you and you will be on you way to a romantic firs date.

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