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How to attract guys

Girls love to attract guys even if they don`t want one! It`s exciting, fun and it`s natural. We have been doing it since we lived in caves! One of the most popular questions that girls ask is "How do I attract guys?" so lets get down to it. In this section there are some hot tips for attracting guys that should have them queuing up for you.


Of course, how you look is the first impression a guy will have of you, your clothes, your hair and make up. Dress the part for the type of guy that you want, for example if he is a rocker, a flimsy dress may not cut it, and if he`s an estate agent don`t wear your tracky bottoms.


Attracting guys doesn't mean you have to dance on the table. Also you don`t have to be the most fantastic looking girl either, looks are not the whole package. How you act and conduct yourself are equally important if not more. If a guy thinks you are interested in him it is your personality that comes into play. Also when you are attracting a guy, remember that there is always a man/woman `thing` that goes on so use this to your advantage. Men love to be flattered, it is good for there ego so if you are paying attention to someone, don`t feel you are being forward. Making eye contact is important and hold your gaze for a second longer than you usually would. Smile and pull you fingers through you hair, most men can`t resist a feminine smile. To attract a guy is fun so be pleasant and happy and you will be sure to give off good vibes to him.


How not to attract a guy is by being drunk, rambling on talking non stop, chewing gum or walking up to him and clinging onto him. Take it easy and just be yourself.


There are many ways to attract guys and ways not to, and having confidence helps, unless your confidence is from a bottle which will probably not help you in the long term! You probably won't remember who you were chatting up the next day! For all the shy girls the good news is that men usually like shy girls, because of the innocent charm they project, so there is a confidence boost for you shy girls to attract guys! The main reason for lack of confidence in attracting a guy is the fear of rejection. If you look at this in a different way, for instance guys are not ogres and unless they are already taken, they will be only too happy to speak to you and more often than not you will soon be engaged in conversation and a possible first date.

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