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The girly gossip corner is the place where us girls hang out and talk about relationships and share advice on guys.

Dating Guys

We talk girly stuff - what should you wear on the first date? What should you talk about? How to tell if he's the one?

Boyfriend Advice

C'mon girls, we all know guys can be a pain in the ass! But what should we do about it? What should you do after an argument, find out is he cheating? is he losing interest? It's all inside!

Attracting Guys

Got your eye on a guy but don't know what to do? Need
to know how to make him notice you? Your not alone,
it's all inside and we will help you find out if he's the one
and let you know exactly how you can get him to notice

Valentines, Birthday & Anniversary Ideas

Looking for some fun ideas to make that special occasion seriously romantic?
We have lots of ideas for you and your boyfriend to
do so just take a look inside :-)

Featured Article

How To Improve Self Confidence

Do you suffer from a low esteem? Do you get nervous and anxious frequently? Don't worry as we have Natalie to guide you through some tips that will help you shine with confidence in no time!

-Love at first sight

Does cupid really shoot arrows and create those magical love at first sight sparks?

-Rebound Relationships

Have you fell for someone after a recent break up? Do you geniunly like this person enough to commit yourself to them or is this a rebound relationship that won't lead anywhere?

-Why is he ignoring me

Sometimes guys become ignorant for one reason or another. In a lot of cases it's that your boyfriend doesn't want to continue seeing you any longer.

-Why does he lie

Are you suspicious about the things your boyfriend is telling you? He may be lying, but what is he lieing for? Is it insecurity? Is he hiding something? Is he a cheat?

-Depressed boyfriend

Have you noticed that your boyfriend is feeling sad, miseraable and upset? These are signs of depression and you can help him feel more happy.

-How to make a guy jealous

Making a guy jealous is a bit naughty, but if you feel like getting into some trouble here are some tips on how to make guys jealous.

-Christmas poem for a guy you fancy

Have you got your eye on someone special? Make them yours this christmas by sending them this love poem to show how you feel about them.

-Signs he is flirting with you

Flirting signals - signs he is flirting with you?

-How to use body language to attract someone

Use this body language tricks to attract someone you fancy

-What Body Shape Are you? Use Your Figure To Your Advantage!

Guys love all types of body shapes, from the J-Lo bum to the petite Kyle Minogue. All you have to do girls is to love your figure and your confidence will attract all the guys!

-Attracting the wrong guys

Be careful not to attract the wrong type of guy for you, it can easily lead yourself into awkward situations.

-What guys find attractive

All guys will tell you that personality is important, but what qualities in a personality do they find attractive? Of course, it isn't just personality that guys are attracted to so let's take a look at the things guys find the most attractive.

-Common Mistakes Made When Attracting Guys

Here are some of the most common mistakes when trying to attract guys.

-Moving on after your boyfriend cheated on you

Getting over your boyfriend can be a one of the worst experiences you will ever have to endure, however, with a bit of positive thinking and effort it's not so bad.

-Trusting your boyfriend after he cheated

Has your boyfriend cheated on you? Do you still love him and want to be with him but finding it hard to trust him again? Let Seevice help you out.

-Cheating Signs - Is Your Boyfriend A Cheat

Worried your being cheated on? We take a look at some of the most common signs that indicate your boyfriend is cheating so you can put your mind at rest...or get angry!

-How to catch your boyfriend cheating

Are you suspicious that your boyfriend is cheating? The best thing for you to do is get rid of those suspicions by finding out the truth so you know which step to take to get back on track with your life.

-Apology letter after cheating on your boyfriend

Have you gone and cheated on your boyfriend!? Well, we can't help you turn back time but we can help you write an apology letter to try and save your relationship.

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