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Are you looking for dating advice? SeeVice are experts at dating and our team has a lot of experience on where to go, what to do, and what questions to have and the conversations you should have.

Dating girls or men/guys can be quite daunting for beginners, however, with the right advice and a plan you can go into a date feeling happy and confident.

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Why facebook sucks for meeting girls

Here is EXACTLY why facebook sucks compared to other dating websites for meeting girls online.

-What to wear on a first date

Wear the right outfit and you are half way there to a successful first date!

-How to tell if they are interested after your first date

So you have been on a first date and desperately want to know if they still like you?

-How to make a good impression on a first date - Get that wow factor!

You can only make a first impression once! We have all heard that before, but it's so true, especially on dates!

-What not to do on a first date

Do you know what your going to talk about on your first date? There are some things you should definitely not do, take a look to see if you were about to make a big mistake!

-First date questions

The best way to connect on a first date is by conversation - make sure you know what you are going to ask your date and the types of conversation you want to have to get to know them better.

-Speed dating

Speed dating is a great way to meet someone if you aren't confident enough to approach someone in a bar or club.

-Dating an older woman

Younger men dating older women is not the head turner it used to be, and it's really a case of go with what makes you happy depending on you own personality and what you like.

-Dating an older man

Do you find yourself attracted to an older man and how old is too old?

-How to avoid awkward silence

An awkward silence is so cliche it's super embarrassing when it happens. Let's take a look at what to do to avoid the awkward silence and even more vital what to do during an awkward silence on your date.

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Does cupid really shoot arrows and create those magical love at first sight sparks?

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