Snowball ?

My bf and I were on cloud 9 a couple weeks ago, but 1 bad event led to a snowball effect and has me questioning if I should be in this relationship. Our background: I am a white Jewish woman and he is a black man (this becomes important later in the story) My bf and I live together. We love sharing our space, time, and ideas. We have many positive future goals as a couple! The bad event: His family and some of their close friends were coming to stay with us for a weekend to watch his sister race in a marathon (none of his family live in Chicago). I am close to his family but never met the family friend his sister brought. He told me 4 years ago he and this family friend had shared a small something more than friendship, but she has gone on to get married and have a child! They havenâ

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Tags: How do I move forward from one bad event? 

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