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Been with my boyfriend 5 years now?

Why my boyfriend want spend the night with me i have my own place? Answer

Boyfriend doesnt take me out anymore?

My boyfriend & I never go out together anymore, we are both young (20&21). Almost 2 years into our relationship and it just feel like he isn\'t interested anymore, he doesn\'t work & I\'m currently a student, few weeks ago we went out for a meal and although he had enough money for the bill I paid my share, I was expecting him to not accept my money as it was the first time we had been out in over a month, whenever he has money he goes out with his friends while i have nothing to do, I ask of he wants to out at weekends for a few drinks and he always prefers to stay at home, any advice on what I can do to help improve our relationship? I really don\'t want to break up I love him too much, thanks. Answer

not sure?

what does it mean your boyfriend is talking to his ex still even 10 years friendship but went wrong when she cheated? Answer

Help Boyfriends ex wont let me see his son?

Hi,I have been with my boyfriend for a few months and things are very serious between us. He has a little boy who\\\'s coming up to a year and a half and he has been so desperate for me to meet him. At first he\\\'s ex said he had to be with me 6 months before I could meet him. However a few weeks she suddenly changed her mind and would let me meet him and we found out this was because she was seeing someone. The other day he\\\'s mum had a family gathering which I was invited to and his son was coming. Unfortunately my boyfriend did not tell her I was going to be there out of fear that she would not bring his son which he now regrets. As you can imagine it ended very badly with her calling me names and throwing tantrums. She is a bit of a pysco and is very jealous. I have since found out that she won\\\'t let me see his son anymore, I don\\\'t know how long she will keep this up but I am absolutely devastated. When I met his little boy I was so happy as i\\\'de been waiting for a while to meet him and was very nervous and despite the drama we had a good time together. I really don\\\'t know what to do because I can see he\\\'s ex making things between us very difficult now and I love him so I want to stick by him but my heart actually hurts because I won\\\'t get to see his little boy again and he will be constantly juggling his time between us. Does anyone have any advice or have been through a similar thing ? I want to have faith that she will calm down eventually but I really can\\\'t see it happening. ( cut a long story short they split up because she slept around and told him he weren\\\'t the dad so she\\\'s not the nicest person and is a bit crazy!) Answer

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