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Is he a Fuckboy?

My Boyfriend admitted that before we dated he slept with a lot of girls this makes me super uncomfortable (we\'re 15) is he a f*ckboy? Answer

Fairness with money?

My boyfriend got me a deal on my gym membership. $41 instead of $60. He was paying and continues to pay the $60. He says we should share the savings. He actually did get a whole month free. What do men think is appropriate in this situation. I will say that I would never expect him to share the savings with me if I got him those savings. Maybe I am naive. We are an older couple. 54 me him 58 Answer

How to proceed?

I am a 48 yr old man who has been separated now for 3 yrs. I have met a woman from an online site. I really enjoy her company, and we have gotten together maybe 5 times so far. I know how I feel, but how do I know how she feels about me? Do I just ask her, or do I wait for her to say something. I would like to kiss her or maybe hold hands while we walk, but I\'m not sure how she feels. Answer

What should I do?

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years now, and lived with him and his family on the Isle of Wight (UK) - I moved from Birmingham (UK) which is about 3 and half hours away. I love him and his family, but I don\'t think I\'m IN love with him anymore. I don\'t feel an attraction or any sexuality towards him anymore. Hes become more like a best friend I share a room (bed) with. I dont want to hurt him and feel guilty at the thought of breaking up, what would you do? Answer

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