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i kissed somebody when me and my boyfriend were on a break. that night i kissed somebody. if i tell him it will crush him but i feel so guilty. what do i do? Answer

me and my boyfriend were on a break?

i kissed somebody when me and my boyfriend were on a break. that night i kissed somebody. if i tell him it will crush him but i feel so guilty. what do i do? Answer

Communication problems ?

My boyfriend and I are having communication problems, whenever we want to see each other. Answer

Boyfriend Troubles?

What should I do about this? I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and he has some very close relationships with other girls. I dont know if I am just being insecure or if this is something I should be worried about. So he has one female friend who he spend a lot of time with, they will go out to dinner together, go get coffee and see movies together. They will spend about 4 hours at restaurants together and they have been mistaken for a couple multiple times. They only knew each other about a year before I met him so I don\'t feel like they should be that close. As for this other girl it is the same idea but she has a boyfriend of 3 years so I am not that worried about her I just do not like how much time they spend together. When me and my boyfriend are spending time together, whatever it may be he is always texting and snapchatting both of them, and if all of a sudden they want to see him, he will ask me for a ride to their appartment. This also happens when we are getting intimate, he will stop what he is doing and answer the phone for them, call them back, or just text them. He has even lied and told them he wasn\'t with me when he was. We all go to the same college and I commute, so I will stay down here just sitting around waiting because he promises me when he gets out of class we will spend time together. But about 20 minutes after he gets out of class he will text me to tell me that he is with both of them and I can come join them if I want. I am trying to be a good girlfriend , I tried to be friends with them both but they don\'t like me. I have tried to tell him that this bothers me, but he just blows it off. I guess I am just upset because the other day I was feeling really depressed and I wanted to talk to him, but he kept blowing me off because he was out to another 4 hour dinner with one of them. What should I do? Answer

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