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Mixed feelings?

I\\\'m a girl nd much younger. I\\\'m inlove with this guy i recently met 4 months ago. We\\\'ve known each other 4 a long tym(since 4rm primary). Before we culd date i was in a relationship with a guy whom i loved so much. Ryt now i\\\'m nt yet over him nd i\\\'m d8ting dis ada guy. There feeling 4 my current boyfriend are confusing me.My quz 4 u is dat,am i doing de ryt thing or not 4 being in a relationship but stil have a hope 4 me nd my ex Answer


Do controlling possessive jelous ex boyfriend change in new relationship as he left me to be with a new girlfriend Answer


I need advice...do you think its bad for me to go out with my girls once a week? Answer

what to do when my sisters bullying me?

when my sister is bullying me, i tried to stop and ran away but then she calls me coward.when i sing, she tells me that my voice is bad, but when i ask my mom and dad they tell me that my voice is pretty ---> o..0, but sometimes she\'s really nice to me, like helping me ride a bike when i was little, helping me do my hair p.s. the hair is more pretty than hers. i thougt to change to be nice, we are close now, but everytime she\'s angry like get detention.. she blames me. when she\'s sad..i tried to hug her in her room..but she refuses and shout bad thing and then asked me to go out of her room... and the worse mistake is...example: when mom tells her to go bath now, she said 5 min more. but when she go baths first, i said 5 min more too..but she\\\'s mad at me. p.s. mom didn\\\'t mad at her when she said \\\'fife minutes more \\\' i never say \\\"you\\\'re not my mom.\\\" i feel like i really want to but i can\\\'t. i accidentally said in my heart \\\'when im dead, you all gonna be sorry!\\\" and \\\"one day, im gonna kill my sis.\\\" i said that accidentally in my heart i cried after that. help me please.. Answer

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