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my boyfriend and i have been together 5 years and we\'ve broken up a few times due to LDR issues. we are long distance again because he\'s navy reserves and he\'s gone for 6 months. the first 2 and a half months were completely fine then last weekend he went out drinking and ignored me for like 8 hours after i texted and called him then the following day he truthfully told me he was sorry that he was really drunk. i decided to just continue talking to him like normal after that and not make it a big deal. He was weird for like 4 days and then friday he was completely normal again. He even said I love you and called me princess like usual but then saturday and today he ignored me all day again I haven\'t called or text and neither has he. But I know he went out drinking again because his mom told me. He also deleted a pic of us off instagram last week?? He only had two pics of us and one of them indicated we were a couple by what his caption said. He deleted that one. Answer

Gaming is killing my relationship?

So i\'m at a loss for what do. ive been dating my boyfriend for almost 4 years now, and over this past year he moved in with me. He\'s a great boyfriend overall but he has a downside. Games. Over the years he\'s had a lot of crazy business ideas which he\'s given up on. But recently he\'s decided that he wants to turn his passion for games into a buisiness. He wants to create a gaming app. But when I talk to him about going to school for it he says that\'s stupid. So instead he watches random videos on the subject. This has put a big strain on our relationship because of all the time and money hes putting into this. When I ask him to put it down and come to the grocery store or something with me he throws a fit and says I don\'t give him enough time to do the game.we only get about 2-3 hours a day together anyway because I have school and we both work full time. i\'m trying to be supportive but I can\'t help but think this whole thing is ridiculous. I had a huge fight with him about it the other day and it\'s starting to make me question whether I should stay with him. Help! Answer

Bf advice ?

My boyfriend was going to the library, he asked me if i wanna go with him and i said no because he said he is going only for 30 mnts . He did 2h and 39 mnts and i was waiting and i went a little bit nervous , he went crazy of me being nervous and he thinks that i dont trust him. My problem was that i was bored of waiting and he coudk have twll me from before so i knew. He keeps telling me bad words and telling me that am the worst gf ever, what did i do wrong ? Why is he talking to me like this Answer


My live in boyfriend just went on an joy interview and told them he was single and has no responsibilities. What does that mean? He says he love me all the time. Answer

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