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Boyfriend Porn?

I recently found out that my boyfriend likes to watch porn occasionally and I do not like it at all. I spoke with him about it and admitted that I didn\\\'t like it. We went from having sex once a day (at least) to once a week. I don\\\'t want the porn to replace the actual act of sex, and I\\\'m not confident that is the case, but I\\\'m still afraid that he chooses that over me. Should I be afraid? Should I be mad at him? I don\\\'t like this uneasy feeling I get when I think about him looking at other women, but I don\\\'t know how to handle the situation to where both parties can be happy. Answer

Does he still fancy me?

I asked my ex if he still fancied me and he replied Maby. What does that normally mean? Answer

Stuck in a bad relationship ?

Alright well here are the basics you need to know, my boyfriend and I are both 21 and in both our first real relationship. We have been together for over 3 years now and aren\'t living together, but are very comfortable with each other. The reason I am seeking advice is because I need someone other than my friends or parents to tell me what they think. I love my boyfriend very much and I know he loves me too. He is such a gentlemen as in he opens doors for other people and would do anything to help someone. He has a good job and can take care of himself, he is an all around good guy. There is one thing that I don\'t like about him and can\'t seem to get past, and that is that he can\'t control his alcohol. He is a completely different person when he drinks, he gets very arrogant and mean but only towards me. Last night while I was sleeping at my house that I share with other roomates, he showed up very very drunk without telling me and woke me up. The next thing I know the cops are banging on my door. They tell me that my boyfriend was running around our apartment complex naked which I didn\'t know.. At this point my boyfriend is denying everything they say and so I just apologized and told them I would make sure he doesn\'t go anywhere. After they left I went down to my room and my boyfriend calls me an idiot and locks me out of my room. So I spent the last night sleeping on the couch while he is in my bed. I know that\'s not fair but I\'m so used to getting treated like this when he drinks that I just accept it. He has never hit me when he was drunk but he has pushed me and will call me very mean names for no reason at all. I know I\'m not perfect but I know that I don\'t deserve that. My parents like him but they don\'t think he\'s the right one and that I could do much better and my friends think the same. When my boyfriend is sober he is a great guy but doesn\'t like spending much time with me and will make time for others before me. I on the other hand always put him first and make my plans around his schedule. I just need to know, how would you handle that behavior and is that something that is normal? Should I look past his drunk flaws? I just don\'t know what to do or think at this moment anymore. Answer

HELP verge of breakup?

I love my boyfriend and we are great together, but I\\\'m moving abroad and he\\\'s not the best at communicating. Although its reassuring when he does, he only texts back once every few days. Instead of reaching out and initiating conversations as I always do, I\\\'ve decided to reciprocate and havnt been replying to him. Should I carry this on and wait for him to say something? Should I call him out on his seeming disinterested? or is it time to break things off? I really really dont want to, but he makes me anxious, and I hate it. Marriage is definitely something down the line, but my relocation is jeopardizing it. He\\\'s always been a quiet guy but I think Im confused if his silence is due to his guy ways dealing with the distance or whatever men problems, or his disinterest... Please help!! Answer

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