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does he wana move on?

My bf is gone back to his country n said he\\\'ll come back for me cuz v both r In deep love but its been a week since he left n said \\\"as I get a sim card will text u\\\" but till now I hvnt received any text or anything I\\\'m scared if he dsnt wana move on or I don\\\'t no please help me Answer

Boyfriend probs?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years we are senior in high school right now. I was looking at his phone the other day and I saw he had an app that hid photos. It looked like it was just a calculator but it actually hides photos and videos and stuff like that m. You need a password for it and I couldn\\\'t figure it out so I just gave up and then I double clicked and it brings up all the recent apps you\\\'ve been on and I guess the calculator app had a glitch because when I did that it let me see all the photos he had in there most of the photos were of girls in there bra and underwear I don\\\'t know who the girls were because I couldn\\\'t see there faces because it only let me see the photos when I was on the double clicked screen. Some of the photos looked like he had just screenshot red them from social media sites but others I am not sure about. I have no idea what to do do I ask him about it? I honestly just feel really uncomfortable about it because we have been together for 2 years and this is the first time I am seeing any of it. It freaks me out. I can\\\'t talk to anyone because I don\\\'t want my friends thinking badly of him. We have been through so much and I really do love him a lot. What do the pictures mean? Should I talk to him? What Does this mean for our relationship? Was I wrong for looking? What should I do? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. Answer

still love him?

i have cheated on my boyfriend once and i told him bout it,..he said he has forgiven and we were just fine but it raeched to a point where we stopped communicating but i always tried to talk to him and show him that i wanted us to talk and know the way foward but he kept saying he will find time.i got bored and stopped even going to his place of work like i always did and now its like he has gone on with his life.i feel so bad because he did not even give us a chance to make things right and i still feel so much love for him despite knowing that he has gone on with his life.i really need your advice do i let him just go or fight for him even if it seems to be an already lost battle.thank you Answer


Are antonio darling cheatting Answer

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